The Co-Dependent Ending

A poem about toxic relationships........ Without you in my life, I can’t imagine it being so. Yet it doesn’t make sense to me, ‘coz our relationship was up and down like a yo-yo.   But attached to you I was, And attached to you I’ve become. Now detached from you I must become, As we … Continue reading The Co-Dependent Ending

New Beginning

A new phase of life has been promised for me. A feeling of self-empowerement has come over me. It's kind of scary, I won't lie. But I know this new beginning might take me through to the end of my life. To the past, I thank you and bid you adieu Thanks for the good … Continue reading New Beginning


Trials and Tribulations

Do you want me or not? Coz if you do, you’ve got a bloody strange way of showing it. How many times does one have to be trodden on? What more can one person take? Why not leave? It’s the principle of the matter that keeps me here. But it’s your lack of principle that … Continue reading Trials and Tribulations

The Betrayal

Invited into this house you were Little did I know you would betray our confidences Perplexed I am Disappointed I am Because I thought you were a friend What a hard way to learn a lesson But a lesson you did teach So for what it's worth Thankyou for teaching me To trust my instincts … Continue reading The Betrayal

The Buzz

I love my friend Jack His alcohol is very inviting I drink him with coke And after a while I am buzzing I like how he feels He makes me feel so relaxed For in these moments, I have no problems I am comfortable, agreeable and chillaxed. Thankyou my friend Jack I look forward to … Continue reading The Buzz