Leaving You

This poem was written for a friend depicting her struggle with trying to move on from a former relationship……..

‘I need to leave you, but I don’t know how.

Because the love we had still burns in my heart.


But why do you treat me so bloody bad?

After all that we shared, you leave me so sad.


Why can’t I leave you, leave you far behind?

And get on with my life without you in my mind?


If I could only cut the cords that connect me to you.

I know I need to be stronger, but it’s so hard to do.


To leave you behind and out of my life,

Once and for all—no more getting my heart into strife.


I turn to my family, my friends, and colleagues too.

They want what’s best for me, and that means being without you.


No longer can you treat me, treat me this f’ing way

Stop toying with my heart—I can no longer stand the pain.


To leave you far behind and get on with my life

Is more than I can deal with, but I know it is right.


You are nothing but red flags, red flags all over the place.

I can’t believe I didn’t see them, because everyone else could see them from outer space!


I thought what we had, what we had was true.

But you threw it all away, disrespected me, now I’m through.


I deserve to be treated better, and to be loved by someone true.

And I know that special someone, definitely is not you.


So now I leave you far behind to get on with my life,

-Without you in it.

-Cords are cut.

-Deal with it.

Welcome to YOUR new life…….’


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