Saying Goodbye to the old Me

A poem about closing the door on unrequited love and learning from past mistakes……..

‘The old me has been around for a very long time

Going through the same old motions, time and time again

Never learning

Always yearning

For those things I couldn’t have

Never happy just being me.

But now is time to say goodbye to that old me

That old me is dead and gone.

Never to return to this world again.

Never to return to this life again.

The new me begins today.

Hello new me, bring on this world I am meant to be in

I am excited and waiting to see what happens next.

To be born anew, given a second chance

Not looking back at all that hurt and anger and resentment

Not looking back at all that guilt and hurt and anger

Not looking back on those feelings of loss

Not looking back on those feelings of unrequited love.

Unrequited love can go and get stuffed

It stuffs with your head

It stuffs with your heart.

So go and get stuffed unrequited love

Unrequited love is unrequired.

Unrequired is this unrequited love

No longer requested this unrequited love

If they don’t love me then move on.

Keep moving on until the one you want wants you back.

No more losing heart over those that don’t love you back.

Keep being strong, be bold and be brave.

No more getting hurt by unrequited love.

Just move on if they want to play games.

If they don’t know what they want, then just move on to the one that does.

Yes it will hurt for a while but keep moving forward, eyes always forward.

Never divert behind nor sideways.

Always looking forward, forward, forward you must look.

Be brave, be strong, you can do it and it begins today.

So burn all those old books.

Burn all those old pages.

If they don’t like you then move on.

If they can’t say what they really mean, then move on.

Move on, keep moving until the right one comes along.

Not long to go now before that one comes your way.

This one will be forthright and will take you by surprise.

But it is the one so just go for it.

This one will know what it wants.

This heart will be one with yours.’


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