Addicted to Addiction

A silly poem with a twist……..

‘Whilst writing down this poem,

I am craving a cigarette.

And each time I have one,

It makes my stomach wretch.

So to the fridge I go,

To have a fizzy drink.

Then that makes me bloated,

I get gassy and gee, that stinks.

So to the cupboard I reach,

For some tablets to ease the pain.

Pop 1, pop 2, pop 3.

Still my gas won’t go away.

What to do now?

I really am in some trouble.

So a bottle of wine I reach for,

And drink it till I’m seeing double.

So now I lovingly reach,

For that alluring cigarette.

I thank God for making tobacco,

And I smoke it till there’s nothing left.

As I lean back and contemplate life,

I start to get really hungry.

So back to the kitchen I go,

And gorge on popcorn and ice-cream.

My appetite’s now satiated,

I’m not quite seeing double.

Another cigarette I light,

And smoke it like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m addicted to addiction.

Addiction is ruling me.

But if it wasn’t for addiction,

What would happen to our economy?’


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