The Co-Dependent Ending

A poem about toxic relationships……..

Without you in my life,

I can’t imagine it being so.

Yet it doesn’t make sense to me,

‘coz our relationship was up and down like a yo-yo.


But attached to you I was,

And attached to you I’ve become.

Now detached from you I must become,

As we go our separate ways.


Mixed feelings I get,

When I think of you going away.

I’m happy.  I’m sad.

I’m relieved.  I’m mad.


But inside I realise the truth.


I am selfish for holding on to you.

Selfish for not letting you go.

Yet you did the same thing to me

We didn’t let each other grow.


It was a toxic relationship.

But addictive all the same.

Persisted yes we did.

But things never changed.


I loved you, I hated you – depending on my mood.

And that was part of the problem,

Because you were just as moody too.


So as this roller-coaster finally comes to an end.

I ween myself from you,

And hope we never meet again.



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