This is a naughty, sexy, raunchy coming-of-age poem!……..


‘When I first saw you I wanted to bang you,

Bang you so f’ing hard.

But you wouldn’t allow me to get close to you,

Because you were waiting for me to come of age.


When I first saw you,

I was drawn to you like a magnet.

I wanted to go loin-to-loin and groin-to-groin with you,

But you were waiting for me to come of age.


My body knew what it wanted the moment I saw you.

Your big, strong body and muscular arms,

Were what I wanted wrapped around me

Whilst I banged you, and banged you hard.


But you wouldn’t let me do that.

All you allowed was one small kiss.

It would be exactly one year later,

When you called me, and it filled me with bliss.


Blissful thoughts of banging you,

An opportunity I wouldn’t miss.

I had to wait a whole year for you,

To fill me and fill me with bliss.


To bang you so fucking hard,

Was all I wanted to do.

Shit, how I yearned for you… needed you…

Not banging you was like being held for ransom.


Shit, how I wanted you.

Wanted you so fucking bad.

Man, it was worth the wait.

Look at us now: we’re riding high every day 😉


We have reached our wedding day,

And you’d better be ready for tonight!

Because I’m going to give it to you,

as we scream and moan in hot sexual delight.


I’m going to give you a night you won’t forget.

You better be ready for me!

Because I’m going to bang you like I wanted,

The very first time we met.


Tonight I am going to conquer you

My dear, sweet man-mountain.

Put that thing inside me boy,

And let’s bang until we explode like fountains.


You did this to me,

You big, strong, smokin’-hot man.

I want you like the first time I saw you.

Fuck, I want you so bad.


Enough of this talk!

Let’s get down to it.

Ride me NOW cowboy,

And I’ll RIDE YOU into the sunset…….’


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