The eve of marriage

A poem about a bride on the eve of her wedding……..

‘It’s the night before our wedding,

One thing is very clear.

I am so nervous and excited,

And I can’t wait to have you near.


Tomorrow I have to wait until 3pm before meet.

I can’t wait to see you,

Looking so sexy and so sweet.


When I walk down the aisle,

And look right there at you,

Reality will be my clarity,

And that is being betrothed to you.


We’ve waited a long time for this day,

And finally it is here.

I‘m so in love with you Jacob.

I can’t wait to have you near.


The next adventure is upon us.

The next chapter of our life.

This will be where we become,

husband and wife.


Mrs Morris! I can’t believe it!

I finally will be.

You and I together in matrimony.


I am so happy to have you.

So happy you are mine.

We were meant for each other,

Together our love is entwined.


Our defining moment.

Our next milestone.

I am so excited for it,

And I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


The fun and the romance,

Of two people in love.

Sharing the same things.

Having a strong bond.


Rail, hail or shine,

This will be the greatest day.

It doesn’t matter what the weather brings,

‘Cause we’ll be together the rest of our days.


So bring on this wedding.

Our day has finally come!

The rest of our lives are upon us.

Bring on the fun!



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