The Horcrux

What if the Horcrux is not fiction?

What if the Harry Potter stories were real?

What if J K Rowling channelled some energy,

To tell us how things used to be?


What if all things mystical, spiritual and religious,

Started with Egyptian ‘mythology’?

Ancient stories of the Romans, Greeks and Hindus,

All sounds similar, don’t you think?


What if all the world’s mythology,

Was an extension of the Egyptians?

Passed down throughout the ages,

Rebranding themselves along the way?


But back to the Horcrux…

I went off on a tangent.

To know what it has to do with this poem,

Like I hadn’t planned it.


Voldemort was on to something.

He nearly got it right.

But what he didn’t count on,

Was that Good would be hard to fight.


Caught up in his arrogance,

He thought himself invincible.

He conquered people with fear,

Until that fear was no longer bearable.


So the Horcruxes have been destroyed,

It was an epic struggle.

But in the end Good did win,

And, oh, how Bad did crumble!


It just goes to show,

One never should play God.

Because one day it will turn on you,

And you’ll end up dead and gone.


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