The Survivors

What life must have been like for you,

It’s so hard to imagine.

We lived sheltered lives,

Whilst you were badly damaged.

Those mongrels should be held accounted,

For all the wrong they’ve done.

I say hang them from the rafters,

And watch the crows eat them one by one.

How does one move on, from such atrocity?

Do you forgive?

Do you forget?

Do you live with animosity?

For what you’ve been through,

And are still here today.

Do you tell of your stories?

Or do you hide away the pain?

Your being here shows,

That they could not break your spirit.

Perhaps that’s why they do it.

To make our spirit break.

Fuck off you fucken mongrels.

Each and every one.

Go fuck your SELVES over,

And leave the innocent alone.

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