My Dad

My Dad

A good man

A quiet man


A drunk

A smoker

A gambler


But not a hitter

Not an abuser


Just never engaged in us

Never took an interest in us



Always quiet


But I still loved him

He’s my Dad after all


I didn’t get to know him

I wish he would’ve let us


I would love to have gotten to know your story:

Why you were the way you were?

What were you thinking about when you were as always so quiet?

Were you angry, were you sad?

Were you longing for the life you left behind, not liking life in this new land?


Were we a disappointment?

Did we ever make you proud?


So many questions I wish I could’ve asked you

But it’s too late now.


I believe you tried your best

I believe you had a good heart.


It just would’ve been nice to get to know you

And for you to get to know us.



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