The Walk

At the time I was escaping

Escaping my fears

Escaping my accusers

Escaping the gossip, rumours and innuendo

Perhaps it was jealousy

Perhaps it was rage

But from all that was put in front of me – and in front of others

My escape was to walk

Escape from my anger

Escape from my pain

Escape from my hurt, my tears, my ridicule

Escape from this never-ending chatting brain

So pent up with rage I was, I knew it would be destructive

So walk and walk and walk I did

Until my anger subsided

I started feeling better about myself and I started thanking those that caused it – although I wouldn’t thank them in person, but inside I thanked them for making me stronger

I thanked myself for not giving in to others, for finding power in myself, for not running away when I desperately wanted to

For going back day after day – standing up to my fears – standing up to the betrayers

Show them that they did not conquer me

And I became stronger for it.

So thankyou to my aggressors, my haters and my betrayers

It was a blessing in disguise how you hurt me

And from that pain I found my freedom – by going for a walk every day.



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