Summer in Sydney

For Julie:

With all this humidity, where is the bloody rain?

I like living in Sydney, but your summers are so humid.

I yearn for your dry heat.

When will the rain cool things down again?

These clouds tease me

I’m sure it’s going to rain.

But oh no, the clouds pass me by

With no drop of rain.

It makes me feel hot and sticky

It bothers me with no end.

Oh for a place where it is warm all year round

Just heat, no humidity

No rain clouds to tease me

Tricking me into thinking it’s going to rain

The humidity messes with me hair

What’s the point in straightening it

When the humidity makes it curl again??

Oh where or where is there a place with dry heat?

I would live there in a heartbeat.

But I love my dear Sydney

I just wish this humidity would go away.

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