For all those that I have hurt…

What does it mean to be a friend?

What type of friend am I?

What type of friend do I want?

I miss our banter

I miss our fun

I’m sorry I spoilt it

But at some point I mistook the banter

As passive aggressive behaviour

You see, I have my problems

And a whole heap of paranoia

So when you were joking

I started thinking otherwise

Then I started believing it was otherwise

Then my life got miserable

Problems set in between us

I missed our friendship but I let my fear and paranoia consume me

I was lost, I was angry, I was sad

I was too pissed of with myself for letting me get this way.

I missed the fun and laughter

But I couldn’t let go of my paranoia

I wish I could go back to those days

But the damage is done

Things aren’t the same between us

We have become somewhat reserved

Fun doesn’t feel the same as before

What kind of friend do you think I am now?

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