Trials and Tribulations

Do you want me or not?

Coz if you do, you’ve got a bloody strange way of showing it.

How many times does one have to be trodden on?

What more can one person take?

Why not leave?

It’s the principle of the matter that keeps me here.

But it’s your lack of principle that is making me want to go.

Leaving makes me feel uncomfortable

For I am a creature of comfort.

I need security.

It scares me to just up and leave.

But the way you’re pushing at the moment

Makes me want to do that very thing

Even though it scares me to death

To change on a whim.

It seems you don’t value me

Nor do I feel appreciated

For all the hard work I put in

And all your shit I’ve put up with.

But chances I keep giving you

Hoping things will finally stay better

But, sure enough, it rears its ugly head

And I’m back at Square 1 again.

How many times do we have to do this

Over and over again?

The ball is in my court now, but I don’t know which shot to return.

Do I Smash it?

Do I Lob it?

Or do I Drop-shot it instead?

How I’d love to see you running for cover

And for everyone to realise how you’ve been treating me.

But I know you will not own it

Instead you’ll play the victim card for all to see……

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