The movement

To move or not to move?

Is that the question?

Both ways require an action

Both ways require a decision

Even indecision is a decision

Time to analyse where all this is coming from

Distrust in self leads to not hearing intuition

They say we are all intuitive

Which sounds like we are powerful

But what if fear rules instead

Leaving us deaf to our own guidance

Fear of the known

Fear of the unknown

Fear, fear, fear.

How long will I let this go on……..?

One day I say I’m empowered

The next day I go back to being a coward.

How quickly I rise

How quickly I fall.

Perhaps this is how I want it to be

Lots of drama, never boring

Afraid to be me

Let me pour another drink

And light another ciggie

Let me delay the obvious

Let me drown out my guidance

Perhaps tomorrow I won’t be afraid to be me.

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