I used to think I was the one who wasn’t good enough for you

Not pretty enough, not attractive enough, not sexy enough, not outgoing enough, not lady-like enough

Not ‘A lady in the street and a freak in the bed’ enough

But a realisation hit me

YOU are lucky to have me

I realise that all that matters is how YOU look to others

Your priority is yourself

You are lucky to have me

You created this wonderful illusion that what you did was for us all, when really it was about looking after your ego.

You are lucky to have me.

I now understand that I deserve to be treated better

I am angry and upset and disappointed with myself for going with your flow for so long

You should consider yourself lucky I’ve put up with it all these years, I’ve kept quiet all these years, I’ve just gone with your flow all these years

I don’t feel the years have been wasted though

It has certainly been an interesting ride.

The best thing for me are our children

I think that’s the best thing we’ve done together.

I deserve to be happy.

I deserve happiness

I am enough

I am me.