Where has Christmas gone?

Love, simple and pure – let’s celebrate it everyday.

I’m sorry, but the spirit of Christmas was lost long ago

In crept in Materialism

Slowly pushing the real meaning aside

Insidiously, Materialism has become the meaning of Christmas

Insidiously, Materialism has made itself King

Materialism is worshipped

Goodness, kindness, caring are not commodities

You can’t buy these things

You cannot buy love

Advertising tells us the more we spend the more we love

Unfortunately we buy into this bullshit

Like a Queen Bee, we do as Materialism bids

We follow Materialism like we’re hypnotised

It’s not called Santa-mas or Claus-mas

The real meaning of Christmas costs nothing

No matter where you are in the world

No matter what you believe in

Let this beautiful angel embody everyone with peace, grace, kindness, caring, and nurturing.