Where am I?

The silence is because I really have nothing healthy to say. I'm processing life. I'm processing myself. Making sense of everything that's going on in and around me. I realise I have written alot from sadness I have written from a passive- aggressive stance I have also written from a place of co-dependency. Whilst I … Continue reading Where am I?


The Candle

A gesture from the heart. Heartfelt words spoken. An expression of well wishes. A candle for new beginnings From a friend dear to my heart. A big impact on my life has been made by you. I have been on this planet alot longer But you are certainly the learned guru. Wise beyond your years … Continue reading The Candle


For Uncle Bud... Grow some balls A wise man once told me Sounds easy enough, right? You told me that many moons ago. But what if you hurt people in the process? Have you the balls to do that? To not care about what people think? What if those close to you Dissociate from you … Continue reading Balls

The movement

To move or not to move? Is that the question? Both ways require an action Both ways require a decision Even indecision is a decision Time to analyse where all this is coming from Distrust in self leads to not hearing intuition They say we are all intuitive Which sounds like we are powerful But … Continue reading The movement


Time to let you go Time to love me I realise no-one can bring me happiness Unless that someone is me I used to think it sounded clichè But I finally understand it's truth For if we don't love ourselves others will walk all over you No-one can take our power away unless we choose … Continue reading Power