Inner vs Outer Beauty

Please don’t judge my friend You don’t know him until you’ve walked in his shoes Please don’t judge my friend He has a good heart Please don’t judge my friend based on his looks If you took the time to know him, you’d know why he is that way Why does society have to be … Continue reading Inner vs Outer Beauty

The Ego

Ego is hugeEgo is scaredEgo is proud, cocky, arrogantEgo has fear of abandonmentEgo has co-dependency issuesand some narcissistic traits too.Ego wants to be loved.Ego wants to be held.Ego wants to know someone caresEgo is tiredEgo wants to take a back seatEgo wants a break from the driver’s chairBut Ego is scaredEgo is afraid of the … Continue reading The Ego

Where has Christmas gone?

Love, simple and pure - let's celebrate it everyday. I'm sorry, but the spirit of Christmas was lost long ago In crept in Materialism Slowly pushing the real meaning aside Insidiously, Materialism has become the meaning of Christmas Insidiously, Materialism has made itself King Materialism is worshipped Goodness, kindness, caring are not commodities You can't … Continue reading Where has Christmas gone?